Our Shelter

Feline Hope - ></p>
<p style=Feline Hope believes that all cats are created equal and all deserve a chance for life. While saying that, we have learned that this is very difficult. It seems an impossible task to save them all. But everyone just has to keep on trying.

We always try to assist the people with any problems that they are having and try to encourage them to keep their pets. In the current economy, many people are having to move & and give up their animals, can’t afford medical care, and are going into nursing homes or passing away with family members unable or unwilling to take on their  pets.

We have assisted in behavior problems, allergy problems, medical expenses, spay/neuter assistance, provided food, and even looked into housing for those who could not find pet housing.

When people find stray cats we ask them to call the local shelters and vets to try and locate an owner first. We ask people to hold on to their kitties if it is not an emergency, and try to find homes for the cats themselves; often they are successful. We will post the kitty’s picture on face book and often can either find the owner or find a new home for the kitty.

The SOLUTION is not to start turning away cats and putting their lives in jeopardy. The solution is to try to find homes more expeditiously. Each person can help in that capacity and many already have helped.

Do YOU have a friend, relative, colleague who is interested in a kitty. Send them over! Have you asked around town to see if anyone is interested? Have you talked up Feline Hope and told people how many wonderful cats there are?

This is an ongoing process, we have to keep the energy going and keep trying to find homes. Our adoption rate is excellent.

If anyone has a couple of extra hours a week, you could help with these events. The more resources that we have, the more events we can do. Remember we are saving lives here!

The biggest answer of them all is to spay and neuter your pets and any that you are feeding! Feline Hope offers monthly low cost spay and neuter clinics. we are also out there doing a lot of Trap Neuter and Return in Dare and Currituck counties. We assist many people with TNR at their homes or businesses with low cost rates at different vets. If you need help give us a call at 252-255-3365.